Utility costs going through the roof?

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and that means all the air conditioners here in Florida will be working hard. Besides showing your unit a little TLC, do you know the proper way to use your air conditioner to your best advantage?

The average monthly residential electricity bill in Florida is $123, which ranks 9th in the U.S.

8 ways to keep summer utility costs from going through the roof

  1. Use fans. Ceiling fans let you raise the thermostat by an average of 4 degrees without making your home uncomfortable. Use the bathroom fan and range hood fans to remove the hot and humid air.
  2. Seal air leaks. Air loss accounts for 30% of a cooling system’s energy production.
  3. Cook outside. The oven and other cooking appliances can heat up the kitchen which makes you want to turn down the thermostat. Instead, grill outside which you enjoy the nice weather and keep A/C costs to a minimum.
  4. Switch to a high-efficiency unit. A switch to high-efficiency air conditioners and implementation of measures to reduce cooling loads in homes can reduce energy usage by 20–50%.
  5. Get a tune-up. If your air conditioning unit has a maintenance issue, it might not run as efficiently. Get it checked twice a year to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  6. Shade your A/C unit. You can improve your unit’s efficiency by 10% by planting shrubs or trees that block it from the sun, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
  7. Change the air filter. Replacing your air filter regularly improves efficiency and keeps your air clean.
  8. Add a dehumidifier. A whole home dehumidifier can eliminate the excess moisture that makes your home hot and uncomfortable.

Don’t wait until the hottest days of summer to have your air conditioning unit serviced. Call us today.

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